Meet the scientists at the leading edge of medical research

In this video series, students interview renowned scientists and engineers at the forefront of medical research who are working to advance our understanding of the human body and how new medical technologies will impact our health. Catch a glimpse of the exciting work they are doing!


Bob Langer, a world leader in biotechnology, creates drug delivery systems at the nanoscale, including for the mRNA vaccine for Covid-19.  


Stefani Spranger introduces a new treatment that uses our own immune system to fight different forms of cancer.  

Gene Therapy

Jagesh Shah works with a revolutionary tool that edits the DNA in our cells to eventually cure genetic diseases.  


Hugh Herr turned a tragedy that he experienced as a teenager into an amazing career in bionics.

Precision Medicine

Arturo Vegas uses chemistry at the molecular level to create targeted therapies for diseases.

Machine Learning

Regina Barzilay and Ava Amini employ AI to teach machines how to diagnose and predict diseases, and to use data to help find cures.

Liver Reconstruction

With micro and nanotechnology Sangeeta Bhatia is working on engineering human organs for people who have diseases of the liver.

Heart Health

From Brooklyn, NY, Colin Stultz rose from poverty to lead the Computational Cardiovascular Research Group that develops machine learning tools to help patients survive cardiovascular disease.

Computational Science and the Microbiome

Rejita Menon builds mathematical models to try to predict how bacteria can be used to make medicines.

Synthetic Biology and Antibiotics

Working where technology and biology meet, James Collins engineers living cells and uses machine learning to advance the world of antibiotics.