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Heart Stations

45 minutes

Grade level: Lessons for 3-5

Big idea

In this interdisciplinary experience, students rotate through stations to learn about the human heart while strengthening English Language Arts, math, and physical education skills.

In the Film

In Superhuman Body, we learn how important heart function is for the human body when James Garrett wasn’t able to keep up with his normal, active lifestyle. Doctors diagnosed him with aortic stenosis, which means that not enough blood was getting pumped to the rest of his muscles and organs. Surgeons installed a human-engineered valve called the SAPIEN 3 to help his heart pump blood efficiently again.


  1. Station 1: Students will calculate their pulse.
  2. Station 2: Students will demonstrate how much blood the heart pumps in one minute.
  3. Station 3: Students will plan a nonfiction 5-sentence paragraph with a topic sentence, content, and conclusion.
  4. Station 4: Students will practice heart-healthy exercises.

Videos in this lesson

NGSS Standards

Construct an argument that plants and animals have internal and external structures that function to support survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction.