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Universal Design Challenge

45+ minutes

Grade level: Lessons for 6-8

Big idea

Using the seven Universal Design Principles, students will define an accessibility problem in their community and then design a solution.

In the Film

Our world is built and designed for a certain kind of human— one with two arms and two legs who stands a median height and weighs a median weight. However, there are people, like Ty Duckett from Superhuman Body, who have different physical characteristics that engineers and architects must take into consideration when designing items, buildings, and other spaces.


Students will design an accessibility device that allows a user with a limb difference to complete a task using the seven Universal Design Principles.

Videos in this lesson

NGSS Standards

Define the criteria and constraints of a design problem with sufficient precision to ensure a successful solution, taking into account relevant scientific principles and potential impacts on people and the natural environment that may limit possible solutions.